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Greece, Syros Island – Hiking in the Princess of the Aegean

While Syros isn’t also known as its more popular neighbors (Mykonos, Paros, Naxos or Santorini), it is the capital and authoritative focal point of this gathering of Greek islands, the Cyclades (otherwise known as in Greek as Kyklades). It’s anything but a well known traveler objective – however that is in itself an especially convincing motivation to visit.

Syros Ermoupolis

Ermoupolis town Syros c. Hans Peter Schaefer, Wikipedia

The island’s set of experiences, especially the fundamental town of Ermoupoli (otherwise known as Hermoupoli) is the capital of the Cyclades. With its cobbled roads and superb neoclassical and Venetian design is considerably more intriguing and socially different than a large portion of the other Cycladic islands joined. (The gathering contains 56 islands, 24 of which are possessed).

Past the town, there’s an amazing arranged that asks to be investigated.

Drive to Fish Hook

Fish Hook Syros

Fish Hook

From my home on the midwest side of the island, I look north into the drift and can see the “Fish Hook” top end, approx 10 kms away. I had hence consistently wonderlusted about this extremely distant uninhabited, rough and rough top-end – Syros/Syra implies rock. I had adjusted this puzzling and charming point ordinarily on the ship yet never wandered so far by foot.

So when my gutsy, courageous English mate (I am an Aussie) and experienced explorer (Gordon) said he knew the way, I seized the opportunity. We set out on a warm and bright May spring day.

From our town of Kini we expected to head toward the northernmost open street’s finish of the island, being the country space of Kambos. The half-hour drive up, up, up, is captivating in itself, taking you past the renowned archeological site of Chalandriani.

It is from here that Cycladic antiquities (scientifically measured at around 2,500 BC) were found and are presently in plain view at the Louver in Paris, the British Museum in London, and different galleries.

This northern half is the most raised piece of the island, which, along with its tough distance, offers a really powerful encounter. Think lunar scenes and such particularly around Grammata Bay. The feeling of segregation here is all-plaguing.

Grammata Bay

Grammata Bay

2-hour journey from Kambos to the top

At Kambos, we deserted the vehicle and started the 2-hour climb towards the islands top end, along a limited track frequented more by wild goats than inquisitive people.

The way is in many parts undulating and rough, so care is required in how to go and where to put your feet. Right along the focal edge that the way follows, the perspectives are astonishing, watching out on the close by islands of Andros, Tinos and Mykonos toward the east, and Yaros, Kea and Kythnos in the west.


Being springtime, we were aware of not upsetting snakes and goannas emerging from their colder time of year hibernation, with our rearranging feet on the tight track.

The venomous Vipers in these parts are exceptionally harmful and can prompt passing if a chomp isn’t dealt with rapidly. This would not be conceivable in a particularly distant area. Being an Australian, one is consistently careful about such prospects.

The brutal and infertile geography and greenery are equipped for enduring the boiling dry, breezy summers. The territory was as yet in sprout, with some low tallness strong ground cover and bushes being springtime. Sage and Thyme are a characteristic local here, and their awesome aroma adds to the unmistakable excellence.

We could see crowds of about at least six wild goats wandering the mountainside, appreciating the warm daylight and bounty of ground cover. After the cold and breezy winters, this should be their most pleasant season.

They are an interesting animal categories evidently, bigger and furrier than the goats seen in most different parts. This exceptionally distant area offers them wellbeing from regular hunters, so this is their space.

We arrived at our objective of the fish snare land’s end the late evening, with the sun heading for a western dusk. It was a bizarrely windless day, and with the ocean beneath us so quiet and peaceful, it was a dreamlike setting. A passing ship around one kilometer away was the solitary token of civilisation and our interruption on this eminent spot.

Fish Hook, Syros

Last objective – opposite finish of fish snare

From this spot, I could think back a southerly way down the coast and make out the weak framework of my home, from whence, we came a few hours sooner.

The long trip back

With “job well done” (and having another container ticked on investigating this great island), we started the long and precarious journey back. It was nightfall when we showed up back at the invite sight of our holding up vehicle.

Actually exhausted however cheerful from the experience, we headed to a neighborhood Taverna at the close by town of Sa Michalis. There we joined our other less gutsy companions, for a well earnt genuine customary Greek dinner, of mountain food.

An awesome and thrilling day on radiant Syros. They here and there say it isn’t the objective that matters, however the excursion. On this event, it was both.

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